Learn & Understand

<strong>LEARN &#38; UNDERSTAND</strong>


Very often, when people begin to consider retirement and retirement planning, they begin to think about things like account balances, rates of return and market volatility.  Things that are very important, but things they have little control over. 

Our approach is very different.  First, we want to learn how you want to spend your time.  What are the things that will bring meaning to your life, who do you want to share those experiences with?  What’s on your bucket list?  We want to learn about the lifestyle you’d like to lead and what’s important to you. 

We also know that life is more than bucket lists and adventure, it’s also about things that are harder to talk about.  As planners and advisors, we’re here to provide guidance and understanding to the family that’s dealing with the challenge of physical or mental decline of a parent or spouse, or when a child or grandchild is struggling.  These types of situations are not only very charged emotionally, they can also be very challenging financially.  As planners our job is to have considered these kinds of contingency’s and to offer steady advice and objective counsel.  The goal is to help the family recover from the adversity and re-establish their long-term objectives. 

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