Why Financial Planning?

Let’s get real!  Whether it’s a vacation, Thanksgiving dinner or your retirement, the chances of it being a success is greatly improved when you’ve planed ahead.  Our planning process is focused on one thing, your success! 

We understand that one of life’s biggest transitions, retirement, can be intimidating and confusing.  But if done right it doesn’t have to be.  Working together we’ll answer your most pressing questions and the one that is on everyone’s mind, “Do we have enough, will we be ok?”




KeyStone Arch Planning is the framework that we follow for each financial planning client.  By incorporating what you value and your goals with your current and future financial resources we will layout a financial ‘MasterPlan’ to your future.

You can access our Arch Planning Process by retaining KeyStone Planning Group to develop a complete, standalone MasterPlan for a flat fee. 

Sometimes you may be looking for a less formal service, like just an analysis of Social Security claiming strategies, or assistance in setting up a financial record keeping and budgeting system.  These consulting engagements can be one time, continuous or as desired.


Today a financial plan can be dynamic, reflecting your financial position today while also tracking your assets against your long-term goals, resulting in one clear picture of you.  If this type of continuous financial planning and investment management makes sense, we’d recommend you consider our Asset Advisory Service.

How We Get Paid

We offer flexible pricing to meet your planning needs

Hourly *

Generally, for a specific project or periodic consultation. 

Project Based **

A flat fee project option. Generally for larger projects like a written financial plan. 

Asset Based ***

Our most comprehensive and most popular service. Combines Financial Planning, Investment Management, and on-going consulting. 

Commission ****

 For the buy and hold investors. Many insurance products are also commission based. 


*We have a 30 minute engagement minimum, and the maximum hourly fee for all services will not exceed $300.

**Our fixed fee or reoccurring payment is negotiated based on the complexity of the services provided.  Fees will be agreed upon prior to engagement and will not exceed $10,000.

***Ongoing Investment Management and Financial Advisory services are negotiable but are generally based on assets under management. These fees are fully disclosed prior to opening any account and are tiered based on account value.

****Contrary to popular belief, there are situations when a commission product is the best choice for the client.  As fiduciaries the best interest of the client is the basis of all our advice and investment recommendations.

Thank you for your interest in KeyStone Planning Group. 

Whether you are interested in learning more about how to plan and save for retirement or you’re an experienced financial advisor interested in joining the KeyStone Group, we want to hear from you.  Please call or email and we’ll be in touch just as quickly as we can.