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Making wise financial decisions today is more important than it’s ever been.  The pressure that most people are under financially is huge.  Paying the bills, paying the taxes, saving for college, retirement, emergencies, and whatever else can be overwhelming.

The world of finance and retirement has rules, but has anybody taught us the rules?  No!  Learning the rules of any game by trial and error is usually not a winning strategy; that is certainly the case when it comes to your money, the stakes are too high!

Over the past 25 years we have spent countless hours in conversation with fellow Montanans, learning about their financial hopes, dreams and concerns and understanding their fears.  As a result of these conversations we’ve developed a four-step process of delivering financial advice and services that is unique, addressing the issues that are really important for those we’re working with. 

We start with education.


As a nation Americans are very self-reliant, so it’s not surprising that the savings and investment system we use is largely self-help.  It’s our money and we want to be in control!  The downside of this self-help system is a mishmash of complex rules, regulations and taxes that most people don’t really understand.

As a financial advisor it became obvious that one of the ways we could truly add value for clients was to help them understand and navigate this saving and investment system.  As a result, our sister company, Financial Educators MT was born.  Today we spend many hours leading classes and workshops in Helena and Great Falls and across central Montana.  These educational sessions are designed to take the complicated world of finance and explain it in everyday language.  But the education doesn’t stop in the classroom.  Our commitment to clients is to continue the learning, helping them make better, more informed decisions as they consider their finances and their future.

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We want to learn about the lifestyle you’d like to lead and what’s important to you. Very often, when people begin to consider retirement and retirement planning, they begin to think about things like account balances, rates of return and market volatility.  Things that are very important, but things they have little control over. 

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Once we have an understanding of the retirement our clients desire, we then can get to work designing a plan to help them accomplish their goals.  We use a number of tools that can help us with this task, we carefully examine the entire financial landscape, determining both the opportunities and the challenges. 

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Now it’s time to put the planning to work. Knowledge is power and as your advisor we’re with you every step of the way!  Providing investment management and advice, monitoring and updating your plan so it remains relevant to changing circumstances and providing council and coaching to help you stay on track and achieve financial success.

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